Our Values

We choose simplicity over complexity in our life together. We ask each one to commit to just four priorities: weekly participation in worship and a Life Group, personal investment in a place of ministry, and personal participation in advancing the mission of Life Pointe in our community and our world.
We prioritize the cultivation of loving, life-giving personal relationships among Christ-followers.
We intentionally invest in relationships with people outside the church, and we are always creating welcoming environments where they are included, accepted, and exposed to God's love, expressed through his people.
We choose to excel in the grace of giving. We give generously of our time, abilities and finances to honor God, to support our leaders and their families, to share with others in need, and to fulfill the mission God has given us as a church.
We believe that small groups are the optimal environment for sustained life change. For that reason, we encourage everyone to become part of a Life Group where they will experience spiritual growth, relational community and purposeful mission.
We are committed to multiplying Christ-followers, leaders, small groups and churches. To those ends we also partner with others to equip and support gifted leaders who are called to plant reproducing churches throughout the South Sound region and around the world.
We seek to be a source of joy to our neighbors, and to our community and civic leaders. We seek to contribute to the well-being of the cities in which we live. We invest time, energy and resources to practically meet the needs of the last and the least among us.

Our Mission

We are continually GOING to the people of our world, INVITING
them into welcoming communities and LEADING them in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We accomplish our mission by
creating environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue friendship
with God, community with
believers, and influence with


Our Vision

Our vision is to multiply Christ-followers, leaders, small groups
and churches throughout the
south Puget Sound region and beyond.
The Great Commandment
Mt. 22:37-40; Jn 13:34-35
The Great Compassion
Mt. 25:31-46
The Great Commission
Mt. 28:18-20